Mehl P.
Dr. Bronstein is old school. That means that he will treat you in a professional, empathetic, and honest way. You can trust him if he tells you that you have a cavity – some dentists will tell you that when it is not true in order to make money off of you. He is experienced, and this showed recently when I needed to have crown work done. He and his assistant were efficient, quick, and professional in their work. I now take my two small children to his office, and although he is not a pediatric dentist, he treats them well and thoroughly. I highly recommend him!

Susan L.
I have seen Dr Bronstein for over 30 years. He is knowledgeable, passionate about helping his patients, and goes out of his way to make you comfortable and to give you suggestions fir keeping your teeth clean. His staff is always friendly, helpful and efficient. I always feel comfortable with Dr. Bronstein.

Dr. Lisa DeMarco

We love working with Dr. Bronstein and his team. He is a gentle, thorough and caring dentist, always making sure that his patients are well taken care of and understand their dental needs and planned treatment. His genuine concern and the positive energy of his staff make for a great dental experience.

Dr. Dave Rad

I have worked with Dr. Bronstein since I moved to the area in 2010. His friendly demeanor and years of experience put all of our mutual patients at ease. I truly enjoy working with Dr. Bronstein; his real world approach to difficult situations always leads to an exceptional result. He has always been ethical, honest, and caring. Anyone would be lucky to have him as their dentist.