Plaque can form on dentures, just like on your natural teeth. Tartar forms from the hardened plaque, which may impair the fit of the dentures. In addition, harmful bacteria can cause bad breath or tooth infections. With the right care, your dentures remain bright white and prevent unsightly discoloration.

Family dentist Dr. Arden Bronstein, DDS, in Hyattsville, Maryland, offers affordable customized dentures to replace one or more missing teeth while keeping the rest of your natural teeth in place. With exceptional follow-up care, our team restores your smile and the function of your teeth while improving your quality of life.

The following tips will help you take care of your dentures so that they last a very long time.

Caring for your dentures

Without proper care, you can’t protect your dentures and your oral health. Consequences of not caring for your dentures are stubborn tartar build-up, bothersome leftover food debris, and long-term discoloration of the prosthesis. This not only affects the hold and the feeling when wearing dentures, but it can also lead to changes that cause discomfort.

In addition, fungi and bacteria can accumulate on the dentures, damaging existing teeth. These may lead to tooth decay and gum inflammation, which can have painful consequences. Here’s how to avoid that:

Rinse dentures after eating

Rinse your dentures under running water after every meal. This way, coarser food residues are removed from time to time, which could otherwise provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Rinsing doesn’t replace a thorough daily cleaning of the dentures, but it can help with bad breath.

Clean dentures with dish soap

Conventional toothpaste often contains abrasives that can scratch and damage dentures. Using a mild soap or dishwashing liquid can dissolve grease and prevent stains.

Choose a scent-free, tasteless, and skin-friendly product. Don’t use anything with a rinse aid or descaler, as these products can attack the surface of the prosthesis.

Clean dentures thoroughly before bed

Clean your dentures thoroughly, especially in the evening. To do this, brush the dentures clean with a soft toothbrush and antibacterial denture gel and rinse well. Never use harsh agents such as vinegar or citric acid because they damage dentures.

One helpful tip is to take the dentures out of your mouth before cleaning and let them dry for a few minutes. This makes dental plaque more visible.

Various cleaning agents are available in powder or tablet form to care for dentures, and these also have a disinfecting effect. Use the cleaning agent dissolved in lukewarm water before bed and soak the prosthesis in the liquid overnight.

However, don’t forget to clean dentures with a brush in addition to using cleansing agents.

Clean dentures with the right tools

Special denture brushes aren’t necessary. Brush dentures with a soft toothbrush and special cleaning gel twice a day. Using soft bristles and the right toothpaste prevents inflammation.

Soft brush heads are also available for electric toothbrushes, and rounded bristles reduce the risk of gum damage. You can also clean hard-to-reach places better with rounded toothbrush heads.

Dentures can last a lifetime

Caring for your dentures ensures they last for a long time. Plus, when blood circulation is stimulated, your gum tissue stays healthier, and the prosthesis lasts longer.

Dentures are ideal if you’re missing a tooth or several teeth. For more information, call the office of Dr. Arden Bronstein at (301) 927-1616 to request an appointment.

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